In today’s world, mobile is integrated into every part of our lives. At Devfoundry, we know our clients need scalable, reliable solutions in an increasingly mobile-centric world. We blend our in-depth knowledge and expertise with modern technologies to deliver the highest performing, scalable and ISO compliant applications for IOS and Android platforms.

Services we offer:

  • Native/Hybrid mobile app development
  • Mobile backend services development.
  • Infrastructure setup and management.

Technologies we work with:

  • Android Development Stack: Material Design for Android, Android Studio, Kotlin, Java, JUnit, Espresso, XML, JSON, SQLite, ORMLite, , Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM), Google Maps, RxJava, Retrofit, Gson, Stetho, Fabric, Android Jetpack, Google Play
  • iOS Development Stack: XCode, Objective C, Swift, MVC/MVVP/VIPER, Geofence, CoreLocation, MapKit, WebKit, VOIP, Push Notifications, PassKit, ARKit, Core Animation, CoreData/DBAccess/Realm, AFNetworking, NSURLConnection, Apple Pay, OCMock, XCUITest, Apple Performance Instruments, TestFlight, Apple Store

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